Believers in Christ

Sunday Service

The beginnings of Sunday service starts around 3:30pm with inspiring guitar songs and scripture passages. As people arrive, tables and chairs are assembled, and dinner tables are setup. Other Christian service groups volunteer their support and delicious dishes too!

Sharing a Meal

Volunteers deliver meals to the handicap, while men, women, and families alike file through our Sunday dinner line. Once all the meals have been served, volunteers join and share in the meal with the guests. Stories are shared, fun-times are had, and strangers become friends.

Working Together

Rain or shine, smiling faces are the norm at Believers in Christ. Coming together as a community to fill an immediate need of hunger provides tremendous satisfaction to everyone involved. Dissassembly is generally speedy, concluding the service around 5:30.

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of the homeless and the surrounding community in downtown San Jose by providing worship, scripture reading, fellowship, prayer, and a hot meal every Sunday. To provide for the material needs of the homeless through donations and collaboration with area churches, organizations, and individuals. To educate area churches, especially their youth groups, about homelessness so that informed decisions can be made as to how best to meet the needs of the homeless. To encourage communication among the various denominations, organizations, individuals, and the homeless population. To unify the Church Universal and provide opportunity for diverse denominational, ethnic,and age groups to serve together as the Body of Christ.

Vision Statement

That all involved in and with the ministry may have an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and grow in faith. And that they may...

Share with God's people who are in need. Practice Hospitality.
-Romans 12:13

Our Location

Community Leaders

Pastor Oakie

Oakie is the leader of the organization, and although he puts up a gruff front, he is one of the most loving members of the Believers in Christ family. A trademark and testament to the sincerity of the Believers in Christ family is the hug that he gives to every person in attendance on Sunday, guests and volunteers alike. Oakie's passion for helping the homeless stems from the fact that he can empathize with their dire situation all too well - he was once living in a tree house by San Jose's Guadalupe River. Without the kindness of random members from the community, Oakie might not have survived. He now feels a calling to relay this kindness to those who are in a similar situation as he was, not all too long ago.

Amberlie Ridnour

A graduate of Santa Clara University in 2009, Amberlie has been providing help to the ministry work of Believers in Christ for many years, and is well-known for her positive attitude and colorful (hair)styles. Her vibrant demeanor, coupled with her willingness to help and great listening skills, make her an easy friend to all those that volunteer and participate in the Believers in Christ community. Her educational background provides interesting insight into the homeless injustices, and she is often found facilitating lively debate and conversation amongst everyone involved.

Statistics on Homelessness

Several health, mental, and physical conditions spawn from lack of food and nutrition.

Believers in Christ meets the immediate need of filling stomachs and warming hearts.

Goals to Accomplish

Short Term

While some organizations work to end homelessness, by either providing housing or employment on an individual level, Believers in Christ operates differently. At Believers, the main concern is an immediate one.